Sirloin Steak Platter

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Portion/Serving: 1 each
Revision Date: Aug 14, 2017
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Availability: Ala Carte, IRD

Preheated combi oven set to convection, low fan, 350°

All food handlers are required to follow all food safety brand standards and comply with all food handling procedures as noted in the ECOSURE audit program.


6 oz. Cuisine Solutions Beef Top Sirloin Cap, thawed, sliced against grain, 3/16"
4 oz. Path of Life Korean BBQ Quinoa
1 tsp Chives, minced
Water, As needed
Olive oil, As needed


  • Portion Scale
  • Sizzle Platter
  • Squeeze bottle w/ Olive Oil
  • Sauté Pan


  1. Ensure slices of beef are pressed together in the order they were sliced. Lightly oil a sizzle platter and place beef on it. Drizzle beef with olive oil and place in the oven. Roast for 5 minutes until heated thoroughly. 
  2. Place Korean BBQ quinoa in sauté pan with a splash (2 fl. oz.) of water. Place over medium heat and stir occasionally until water is absorbed and quinoa blend is heated through. Alternatively, microwave quinoa until hot all the way through. 
  3. Remove beef from the oven. Fold each slice in half and shingle in a line. 
  4. Plate rice and beef slices as shown in the photo, drizzle a small amount of olive oil over the beef and garnish with chives. Place alongside the Guest’s choice of side. Serve immediately.