Avocado Iceberg Slab Salad, Small

Shelf Life: N/A
Portion/Serving: 1 each: Small
Revision Date: Aug 4, 2017
Add Ons: Grilled Chicken, Salmon or Steak (steak only for retail)
Availability: Dine In, IRD, Retail

All food handlers are required to follow all food safety brand standards and comply with all food handling procedures as noted in the ECOSURE audit program.


oz. Iceberg lettuce, cut into round slabs around equator, 1½" x 5" diameter
1 fl. oz. Blue cheese dressing
1 tsp. Chives, 1" batons
½ oz. Applewood bacon bits
1 oz. Cherry tomatoes, quartered
¼ oz. Red onion, quartered, sliced, 1/16"
1 oz. Blue cheese crumbles
¼ ea. Avocado, ½" diced
½ tbsp. French's Fried Onions


  • 2 oz. Spoodle
  • Portion Scale
  • Measuring Spoons


  1. Dab small amount (1 tsp.) of blue cheese dressing in center of plate and top with iceberg slab.          
  2. Top iceberg slab remaining blue cheese dressing, smearing across with the flat side of the spoodle.
  3. Top dressed iceberg in the following order as shown in photo:
  • Cherry tomato quarters
  • Red onion slices
  • Blue cheese crumbles
  • Bacon bits
  • Fried onions
  • Avocado dice
  • Chive batons